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(n.) A mysterious form of dust that is attracted by sweat on a person with severe Tourette's Syndrome around the abdomen and chest regions of the body.
Son: Dad, is that a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt?
Dad: The fuck you talkin' about?
Son: (Pointing)There's his ears there, his ears, and there's his face!
Dad: That's not Mickey Mouse, that's just TIT DIRT!
by EdWaRdW818 June 24, 2006
Also known as V.D.S., A condition exsisting in some people where the symptoms involve extreme hornieness and desire for a woman's vagina. If such condition is left untreated, the victim will have rope burn on the genitals, or death in extreme cases.
Gosh, I think I'm so horny that I might die from V.D.S..
by EdWaRdW818 February 15, 2005
I think I'm having V.D.S.; I'm really sore since I haven't even got laid since last year!
by EdWaRdW818 February 16, 2005
A more emphasized version of serious, usually used when something is unbelievable; used in the same context as no way.
A: I found a $50 bill on the sidewalk yesterday.
B: Whoa, are you snerious?
by EdWaRdW818 August 23, 2007
A disparaging term for Internet Explorer, especially given its higher propensity towards a slow computer/webpage experience, increased chances of malware or even toolbar infestations, and even in some cases, a bad layout since there are certain web designers that stopped bothering to design for IE compatibility. Thus, anybody who willingly uses IE despite MUCH better alternatives being installed on the computer is an idiot, hence "Idiot Explorer".
Gus (calling): Hey, I was trying to open this website and it keeps freezing, and there's 5 toolbars and every site I opened seems to have a popup. What's going on?
Me: Gus, for Pete's sake... How many times have I told you to stop using Idiot Explorer?
by EdWaRdW818 May 18, 2014
Used in the same context as fucking, but slightly less vulgar, yet still bearing the same context instead of "fiddlesticks" or some such other bullshit.
Me: Damn, I have to work Saturday again? This is the 3rd ufking time I've had--

Over-Sensitive Politically-Correct Mormon (interrupting): Hey! Watch what you're saying, there's kids around!

M: I know, hence the ufking, dummy!

OSPCM: No, I meant the "d-a-m-n" part.
by EdWaRdW818 February 01, 2008
Rain that only lasts for less than half an hour, serving to either emphasize the dirtiness of your car and/or to drag pollutants down from the atmosphere to make your car dirty. Either way, if your car is usually kept meticulously clean, it'll piss you off (hence "rage").
A: Your car is really dirty, aren't you a neat freak?
B: No, it's rage rain!
by EdWaRdW818 September 10, 2015
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