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The badass kid at your school who seems to always get all the hot pussy, has the best fuckin six pack, seems to dominate any sport that is thrown his way including FIFA and madden. Not even the famous gopackgo or patriotscheat can seem to compete with him when it comes to madden. Oh and did I mention he has the bigest dick too it's larger than a dillinger. ( look it up if you don't know what it is).
See that kid over there talking to that hot bitch. That kids a nagler. I bet he eats pussy to breakfast lunch and dinner.
by Eazy muthafuckin E February 05, 2009
Largest F-ing cock on da world. If it ain't nine inches soft. It ain't a Dillinger.
You see that kid in da showers over there?
... Damn does that kid have a Dillinger or what! Fuck thts huge!
by Eazy muthafuckin E February 05, 2009
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