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To compromise, sabotage, or interfere with ones 'game'. Game in this context refers typically to scoring, as in sex or in a sport but it could refer to any activity.

It probably derives from salting the earth to prevent growth.
"Step off when I'm making my move or you'll salt my game."

"Don't do it while you're nervous or it will salt your game."
by Eater of Kittens February 02, 2009
Virtuosity, Mastery, Wizardry, Fluency, Ability or Proficiency in accomplishing a task or acquiring object of desire. Said primarily of athletes and pick-up artists.
"He walked in and got her number, just like that. Dude is a born player with MAD game."

"Foo! You ain't got game! Get off the court."
by Eater of Kittens February 02, 2009

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