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"Spine-tingling is a reaction to either being spooked (e.g. an animal sensing danger) or a human hearing/feeling/seeing something so personally moving that it sends chills down their body."
Spine-tingling "The song Wonderboy by Tenacious D sends chills down my body"
by Easy Definition March 08, 2008
Goth: just another one of those words people stereotypically use as an insult.

Chav: Just another one of those stereotypical words we use.

The are just the urban defenitions, the word goth has more definitions (example: gothic cathedral etc.)
..Not too sure if the word chav has more than one meaning
Some person: "Gothic!!"
Target person: "WTF?! Oh, it's a Chav, just keep on walking"
by Easy definition February 24, 2008

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