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Philadelphia is the best city ever made. It makes New York look like a bunch of winey little girls. Everyone who thinks Philly is just a crap hole is an idiot. Yeah, North, West and Southwest are pretty crappy. So are some of the burbs like Norristown, Cedarbrook and Ambler, but it has more heritage than the rest of the US put together, greatest most pride filled people and coolest kids. Everyone is just keepin it real, hangin out on curbs and talkin. It has the best neighborhoods because everyone knows eachother and like eachother and so tough. Did you hear about the catholic school kids who were approached by the rapist and they all kicked the crap out of him? Thats Philly right there. We dont take that crap from no one. And people who say it is the biggest ghetto are morons. It is only 6th on the most dangerous city list and the magazines and crap who say it is the ugliest and fattest cities are gay. Thats only what people think when they hear Philly. Fat ugly white guys with cheesesteaks, when really its not. Its a mixture of all types of ethnicities and the reason it is 45 percent white is because of center city.
People who talks trash about Philly should come down here and say it to our faces.

Eagles Superbowl champs 04-05!!!
by Easssyyyydeee_Killa June 29, 2004

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