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Much like emos, goths and freaks, ravers are categorized as rejects as well. They find that by wearing odd, brightly colored, carebear costumes they're expressing their creativity, diversity, and juvinile foolishness. However, creativity and uniqueness is not defined as "the act of putting a bunch of ugly shit on and listening to shitty music". As a result their attempts at expressing diversity is a misled one as they are not creative, simply eccentric to the point that it is both unoriginal and disturbing (not in the badass way, disturbing in the "damn your annoying" way).

It is common knowledge that ravers are rejects of society and 'should-have-been-miscarriages'. Many people associate ravers with homosexuals. Ravers, however, simply give homosexuals a bad name and they simply take ever negative connotation of a homosexual and amplify it to the extent that you will find many homosexuals regarding ravers as "faggots".
John - "Why did that raver just shove his pacifier up his ass?"
Mary - "Don't make eye contact, John!"
by Earths Views on Things April 25, 2010

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