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Rogging is the act of abusing an object until it can no longer be used (when it becomes Rogged.) It can also be used for people taking things of yours which are in limited supply.
"Stop Rogging My Lighter!"

"When are uou going to cease rogging my peanuts?"
by Earl Preston Dog February 14, 2006
rog means to abuse an item. The -oe suffix is a commonplace addition to a word if you need to make the word more triumphant.
"Cindy smashes carls remote control right in front of him and difiantly shouts 'Rog-oe!!!'"
by Earl Preston Dog February 14, 2006
When an item becomes unuseable due to constant abuse or if you will... rogging.
"He completely rogged my guitar!"

"what have you been doing today?"
"just rogging my playstation."
by Earl Preston Dog February 14, 2006
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