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The Harker School is a reknowned money hungry school. Known for the mi changs that go there or the other many nationalities that become white washed there. People who go here usually have stupid families, but because they are so rich and stupid (definition of the guy above) they do not care that all that money could actually help feed starving people. Those who reject this and say they do help less fortunate people are just lieing to themselves because we all know they are just doing it so they can go to a more expensive school in the future.
Be smart and go to a good public school like EVHS, Silver Creek, or many others and donate the money you would've used if you went to Harker to homeless shelters.

The guy above is such a stereotype mi chang.

The Harker School removes all cultural identity from those who go there and make them mi chang.
by EVHS Student December 11, 2005

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