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Another word for a person that treats people like fags. It usually is jealous of gay(happy) people. It is usually a heterosexual male, but is possible to pull a Ch3wy.
Trav is such an inuphant, i just want to strangle him.
by EPIC WINNER April 05, 2008
A homosexual person that thinks they are cool. Usually immature immatators that suck ass at life, so they copy names.
"Trav said that Inu was The_Rev!" Bacon exclaimed. "Noob I want to be a The_Rev" said Trozi.
by EPIC WINNER April 06, 2008
When a cool person owns someone on april fools.
an inuphant will be very jealous afterwords.
I was a thedragon, I owned the population on april fools.
by EPIC WINNER April 05, 2008
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