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2 definitions by EL KNEEGROW

If you've ever been driving down almshouse road/263/The Real Compton (Warwick)... you have seen about 650 Warwick Powleece cars stoppin mad haunkies for not having their seatbelt on. Now don't take these po po lightly because the Warwick Powleece WILL SHOOT YOU! Don't be alarmed if they pull up about 10 deep with helicopters and shotguns drawn after you failed to use your turn signal while switchin lanes on 263. you better be on your best behavior while in J-Hunt because the Po shoot 1st and ask questions later in that hood. To make a Long Story short don't fuck with tha 5.0 in The Real Compton because the Warwick Powleece...WILL...SHOOT YO ASS UP!

p.s. Dont think just cuz u live in Warminster or warrington...or Rhode Island for that matter, that you're off the hook. OWWWW NO, Warwicks finest have no problem takin a trip to you're neck of tha woods just to pop a cap. Warwick Po are lookin to make a name for themselves and you are just the person they are looking for. They will shoot you in the face with your own gun and sell that bitch on E-Bay. So wherever you're from... watch your back cuz The RCPD is in your mother bedroom as we speak...ya dig?

"My first bullet came from a Warwick Powleece officer...In DARE class"

by EL KNEEGROW July 10, 2008
(The Real Compton)PENNSYLVANIA often mistaken for philadelphia this gutter of a town is home to more gang bangers and rap superstars than Snoop could ever hate on. There are 14 Martin Luther King BLVD's in Warwick PA and Three 13th streets. Warwick is home to the #1 and #4 members of the Latino Heat and The infamous WOOSHKA gang, which was developed in 95' after a massive brawl at Warwick Elementary. Dice can often be seen thrown on the East Side near master GWAN's home. Christmas lights have a lifespan of 47 minutes as the ADD CRU often patrols the streets, abolishing any chance of Christmas Cheer. In order to insure no one was seriously injured in gang wars, The Central Bucks School District found it necessary to split this town into 18 parts, sending them to 12 different highschools, and rotating the secotrs every half year. There is much White on White Crime. Warwick is the only place in PA where it is legal to buy fireworks but it is illegal to sell them. UNICEF boxees are not permitted in this town. The town is in the process of entering the sport of "ultimate Tree Jumping" into the olympics and/or x games. 3 eisodes of True life: im from compton were filed in Warwick PA.

In Warwick there are few minorites but everyone is black.

Early Years: Prior to the take over of Warwick Pennsylvania by the ADD CRU this place very nice suburb with friendly neighbors and much love. This is no longer the case as Mizarsh sweetTOOTH GWAN The Firm and El KneeGROW (the blackest) have stripped this town of its morality.

It's always raining in WARWICK

we cant forget about the warwick powleece...
1: hey look we're driving thru warwick pa
2: wheres my wallet?

1: Hey look we're driving thru warwick pa
2: why am i bleeding

1:Hey look were driving thr.........
by EL KNEEGROW July 10, 2008