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(also used as ECG's in short)
1>. females whose sole mission in life is to introduce disgusting sexual innuendos in your regular day to day conversation including ones at events where it may be deemed highly inappropriate such as funerals, management review meetings and conversations with your grandmother

2>. females who like to ambush unsuspecting innocent males with their flirtatious vibes, traumatizing the poor victim in such intensity that the victim shuns all future advances from the fairer sex. This is mostly likely to be followed by drunken orgies and monkey dancing, in celebration of another successful mission
Loser Professor 1 : *sob* I couldnt concentrate on my mensuration lecture today. Whenever I said mensuration, i swear i cud hear tittering at the back of class

Loser Professor 2 (sympathetic) : Oh dear! That class does have too many Evil Casanova Girls (ECG's)

Loser Professor 1 : And i have got 3 more lectures to go! Oh the horror of it!

Loser Professor 2 : But you better brace up. Wait till you come up against the ECG ambush!

Loser Professor 1 : Noooooooooo...Why my? Why me GOD!
by ECG's September 24, 2010

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