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To exhibit outrageous, frenzied or out-of-control behavior, often with sexual undertones.
Vance: I heard Janice & her sorority sisters went to Florida for spring break, & got buckwild in their hotel room.

Hugh: That's not true. They went to Chicago to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.

Vance: What about the part about them getting buckwild?

Hugh: Oh, that's true.
by E.T. Mole February 16, 2013
Used to describe a situation that is tumultuous, circus-like, and has spun out-of-control. Originates from the 1970s variety show of the same name, though some users many not be aware of the source.
Amelia: My love life is such a gong show!

Nazarine: Really? You have a studio audience in your bedroom, and you bang a large gong for boyfriends who can't cut it?

Amelia: Don't be ridiculous, Naz. I mean, it is LITERALLY a gong show. It is tumultuous, circus-like, and has spun out-of-control.

Nazarine: Oh, I see.
by E.T. Mole February 18, 2013
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