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The unexplainable phenomenon that causes young men to urinate themselves while passed out as a result of drinking an excessive amount of Jack Daniel's whiskey. Innocent beds, couches, and chairs are frequently the victims of this heinous crime. Generally speaking, the offender is a recidivist, and is unaware of their drunken actions until it is too late.
"Dude, why's your couch outside?" "Oh, Kevin Jack Daniels-ized it again last night."
by E.R. Aitkenhead October 19, 2006
An intensely innebriated state, where nonsensical terms are uttered, and violent wrestling matches are assured. Individuals in this state of mind tend to answer every question, even those of dire consequence, by simply repeating "the thing with the stuff", and in some extremely rare cases, the individual may call a cab driver a "baby wa-wa". This condition afflicts many young men, and is typically contracted by living in close proximity to a plethora of bars for an extended period of time.
"Wow Andy. You were Hassenated last night!"
by E.R. Aitkenhead October 19, 2006
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