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The only comedian worthy or using the seven words you can't say on TV: Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. R.I.P. Man.
Somewhere in Heaven, George Carlin is telling God to fuck off.
by E. Nygma March 01, 2009
To take a shot to the head from a guitar.
God damn he got wrecked! He just got El Kabong-ed by that steel guitar.
by E. Nygma October 30, 2009
Saying something that will obviously piss someone off just to get the reaction.
Me: Brittany Murphy will be forgotten just like any other celebrity in Hollywood. Move on

Girl: You're heartless. You don't even know her.

Me: You just got rage baited.
by E. Nygma December 20, 2009
Recent dead actor. Pills take another.
B.I.H. Heath Ledger. What a tool.
by E. Nygma January 22, 2008

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