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1 definition by E is for E Money

A German brand of blackberry schnapps liqueur. Blackberry Schnapps is a strong, dry spirit produced using the distillation of blackberries. Frequent consumption of Black Haus will ultimitely lead to disgust for the smell/sight/or mere mention of it. Black Haus-induced blackouts are common and might result in public urination, the inability to bathe or shower yourself, frequently dropping your belongings, and listening to Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" 25 times in a row.
Sober Friend #1: "Liz and Danielle drank so much Black Haus last night that they fell down in the middle of the street, droppped everything out of their purses, and kept walking without picking anything up...twice in a ten minute period."
Sober Friend #2: "Man, Black Haus fucks you up. It's a good thing Erin and Mary were there to grab all their shit before it got run over."
by E is for E Money November 21, 2006