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To top off a pair of titties with a load of jiz in a classy way, of course.
Field Position: Girl on her back during a 69, or with her head hanging off of the bed getting face fucked.

The Score: Just before you bust a nut, pull your dick out of her mouth, plop your nuts in there, wedge her nose between your cheeks & blow your load all over her tits(aimimg for the nipples) while singing, "On Top Of Old Smokey". Strictly a class move.

The Extra Point(s): Fart. (but pull your nuts out of her mouth first!) -OR- Go for two points; by pulling your dick out and wiping it off all over her brand new curtains(you know, the ones that match her dust ruffle), grab your clothes and kick her cat in the ass on your way out the door.
by E Normous Johnson November 18, 2008
The white pasty crap attached to unusually hairy pussy lips. (Aptly named after the famed Mexican cheese that people died from after eating said tainted queso in the 1980's)
I gagged on some Jalisco Lip Cheese last night while diving.
by E Normous Johnson October 26, 2008

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