2 definitions by E//R//B

people from canada who are compleatly insane
person 1:wow your screwed
person 2: im from canada :D
person 1: OHHHH your a crackadian
person 2: i am eh?
person 1: psh crackadians
by E//R//B September 20, 2009
biteing someone on the shoulder out of water and then uttering the words "shark bite out of water"
commonly used by nazneens
person 1: *standing there*
person 2: *creeps up on person 2 and bites theyre shoulder*
person 1: OUCH!
person 2: shark bite out of water! MWAHAHAHA
person 1: heyyyyyyyyy
person 2: MWHAHAHAHHA >:)
by E//R//B September 20, 2009

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