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the girl that gives great head to all the homies.. but isnt a slut
person 1:"dammmmn domer domed me up last night.. it was the shit.."
person 2:"no shit? me too"
Random Person: "thats the OKC"
by E&C OKC October 28, 2006
a cool ass group of boys that chill in mohizzle.. music, drinks, hot girls, party.. pretty much sums up the life style.. always roll deep with orage kush, kool kids and beeefs
person 1:"did you to chocolate thai's party on saturday?"
person 2:"yea did you?"
person 1:"yea i did but i didnt see you"
person 2:"i know that party was crazy"
person 1:"but i can say that okc's dance was fucken awesome"
person 2:"hell yea"
by E&C OKC October 28, 2006
the coolest group of girls ever invented to man kind. everyone loves us and everyone wants be one of us. usually just chills with chocolate thai.
the orange kush rolls deep..
by E&C OKC October 28, 2006
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