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1 definition by Dylan Phillips

They are a band from the Hollywood area. Technically a Rock band but they really have no genre. They are one of very few bands that can are successful using Rock, Rap, Screaming, and Hip-Hop elements in their music. Their songs vary from being about sex, drugs, and drinking: "Everywhere I Go" and "Comin' in Hot" to more serious, emotional songs "Black Dahlia", "Young", and "Pour Me". The symbol they use for the band is called the Dove & Grenade, a dove holding a grenade in it's talons. They wear masks and each of them has an alias nickname they go by. Many people know them only by their popular songs so assume they are white trash ghetto acting kids. However, most of them grew up on the streets of LA poor as dirt. A few of the band members even had no home even after their first album released. A lot of their songs are from the heart and deal with their personal experiences and observations.

There are 6 official band members:
George Ragan: Johnny 3 Tears
Jordon Terrell: Charlie Scene
Jorel Decker: J-Dog
Dylan Alvarez: Funny Man
Matthew St. Claire (real last name Busek): Da Kurlzz
Daniel Murillo: Danny

Danny replaced clean vocalist Aron Erlichman (aka Deuce/Tha Producer)
"I got HU tatted on the front of my arm"

"Hollywood is your friend and the Undead are your family"

Hollywood Undead puts on amazing concerts.
by Dylan Phillips June 11, 2011