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3 definitions by Dylan Lamb

The idea, that some day, some how, you'll be happy. That your kids won't grow up to hate you and disrespect you. That some day you won't come home fried out from work, only to sit in front of the television, or open a bottle of JD, or rail a line of coke, or any other addiction common to American life. But the most important part to remember... dreams aren't real.
Just woke up from the American dream...
by Dylan Lamb December 17, 2003
A person who likes to go onto Urbandictionary.com and insult every culture, as long as it isn't their own. These people hate anyone who is "the same" (abercrombie and fitch wearers) or anyone who is different (ravers). They are extremely ignorant and intolerant, and seem to think they are better than everyone else because they listen to terrible emo/hardcore music. Extasy puts holes in your brain? Yeah, well, tell all your emo-friends lithium turns you into a god damn drone.
That guy is so mean. They are sooo emohammers.
by Dylan Lamb December 17, 2003
Two-razor blades taped at one end, with a matchstick stuck in the middle so the two blades seperate, to form a shape similar to this: <. The instrument is then used to slice the face of the victim, leaving thick, pasta-like strands of flesh, that will most definitly scar.
Dylan gave a Glasgow Smile to the stupid bitch.
by Dylan Lamb December 17, 2003