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7 definitions by Dylan Hamilton

A rare form of the homo sapien. Rarely found, nearly extinct. Supposedly inhabits the coastlines of North America and Hawaii.

Beware of the many impersonators of this rare organism. There are at least 10 impersonating posers for every 1 authentic surfer.
Fuckin' posers ruin this fuckin' sport, wheres Dora when you need him.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
Fuckin' sick ass sport, riding down THE FACE of waves on a fiberglass covered foam board. But has too many posers.

Listen, assholes. Just cause you wear your white O'Neill sweatshirt and cruise on the whitewater once a year and hang out in surfshops every weekend, doesn't mean you're a surfer.

Fucking tards. Posers, and localized fuckwits like Miki Dora ruined the sport.

Still fun though. Just fuck off, posers.
There are ten surf posers for every real surfer.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
See Dinosaur or fossil.
Dan Rather needs to wipe his mouth once in a while. He drools more than my dog.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
A board from 8-9 feet. Specially shaped for big waves and good for Mavericks, Waimea, Cortes Bank, or wherever else the hell you have the balls to use it.
Big board for big waves.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
A great surfer and very controversial character from the 60s. Started the locaslism movement which is still rampant on beaches in California and Hawaii today.
I dunno, Dora was nuts.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
A surfboard from 8 to 12 feet, though it can go bigger. Easy to catch waves on, though waves over 9 feet it gets a bit nasty.

Easy to paddle, too.
I got a 9'0 longgy, pretty easy to paddle.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
A surfboard from 5'5 to 6 feet. Good for well formed waves from 2 to 10 feet. After that it gets obsolete and harder to paddle . Great for making turns and doing stunts and aerials.
I don't have a fish but I may get one for carving.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005