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A long, cylindrical, and hollow sex toy used for male masturbation. Also known as a fleshlight

The word was most likely derived from the term portapotty, which is a portable restroom.
The adult boutique had my favorite portapussy on sale. I felt like a kid in a candy store.
by Dylan Cider May 10, 2006
The buildup of semen a woman gets in between her teeth after giving a blowjob.
Dude, I'm not kissing her. She still has a bunch of splaque from the party last night.
by Dylan Cider April 03, 2006
A hair style mainly chosen by both males and females of mediocre looks. This hairstyle is mainly chosen to leave more to the imagination in an attempt to appear more attractive than they actually are.
Morons with emo hair are in deep denial.
by Dylan Cider May 08, 2006

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