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The most awesome brass instrument in the world.

Uses a slide to change notes.

Evolved from the ancient sakbut, the first brass instrument able to play a chromatic scale.

Has the same range as the Euphonium, or Baritone, usually based in the key of B flat.

Has many varieations such as the soprano, alto, tenor (the normal trombone), and bass trombone (which is also amazing).

"Trombone" means paperclip in spanish.
1) What's that awesome thing that guy is playing making those beautiful sounds?

A trombone of course!

2) Hombre! Puedes darme un trombon? Tengo que abrochar algunos papeles. (hey man! can you give me a paperclip? I have to fasten some papers.)
by Dwayne LaForce November 07, 2006
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