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5 definitions by Dwayne Delaney

1:When you take a shit in a toilet (or in any other bowl type nick nack or patiwack), and the shit grows and grows into a monsterous pile of previous ontrays and proceeds to consume your testicals within it, turning your balls into a two-timer winston cruncher, not a plesent sight for the average capone. And for the structure it would be a pyramid as in the famous great pyramids of egypt and a tomb for many fantasies to come.
Terrintino: Hey Quinten! Come see this Full pyramid i just layed all over your quarter pound chicken club sandwiches!

Quinten:DAMIT TERRINTINO WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONGE WITH YOU! whats next? are u going to pull a full pyromid over my bucket of fresh rodeo picked salad grapes?

Marcus: ya what next! the lobster bisque i just had for semi brunch in a two time tuesday?

Quinten: who the fuck are you?

terrintino: ya who are you...

Marcus:You never saw me ok *wink* *wink*

by Dwayne Delaney August 12, 2006
A ghetto flap is when ghetto-hood-star girls that are unusually plump wear very tight gangster jeans. This causes their excessive rolls to flop out over the top of their jeans. If there's enough extra meat hanging out, this is known as "Ghetto Flaps." A severe case is known as "Ghetto Sags."

F.Y.I. :
Ghetto Flaps may be very attractive to those who like these kind of girls, and may be rather fun to play with.

2.) That bitch got ugly ass ghetto flaps. Those motha fuckas be saggin down to here knees...
by Dwayne Delaney February 12, 2010
1.) A cult in which you accomplish absolutely nothing, and make people who aren't in the group think your very serious about it, to the point which those who are not in the group get jealous and begin to form their own "cults" that are enemies of your own.

2.) An expression, saying, "I'm putting my rebel trousers on", meaning your going to rebel against something real soon. Your preparing for something rebellious
Tex: Idk dude... Dude we should totally go crash the party... it would be SOOOOO FUNNNY. *says with big grin*

Mike: Yeah dude! lets do it lets fucking do this im all about it! Im totally ready for this!


Nolan: Looks like theres a new sherrif in town.

Ryan: Woast.
by Dwayne Delaney March 13, 2010
Noun. - A person who is in every single way, a pile of meat. More simply, an extremely ugly fat person. An ideal roast, more commonly known as a "roast head", would have a very wrinkley forehead with very saggy proportions, they would succumb to a terribly embarrasing squash shaped head with a chin that just never ceases to amaze you. A roast must also have the lazy personallity to go with it. Someone with starfish like qualities who doesn't accomplish anything in life. Its not a word you can completely understand with out seeing examples...
Very good celebrity examples of roasts or roastheads are the following...

Louie Anderson

Don vito
Ralph Kramden
John Goodman
preston lacey

1.) Dude did you see that guy over there? What a fucking roast! His chin was so big he was practically wearing it on his head!

2.) Your such a roast head... you just sit there and flop around all day.
by Dwayne Delaney March 13, 2010
Everyone whos been in a relationship knows how every girl has to have their "girl time". Well for all of you who want to end the relationship with a "BANG" will want to give this one a shot.

Next time your girl goes and has her girl time with all her little slutty friends, you gather up all your bros, go to your girls house, and then infiltrate inside and yell FLASHBANG and a big massive rape fiesta begins. And if you want to make it more interesting you can see who the first one is to plant his seed, consider it a race perhaps.
1.) Ah Jerry you son of a bitch! We owe you for inviting us to your flashbang lastnight! *A big happy 6-way highfive emits from everyone present*

2.) My boyfriend and his friends flashbanged us last night... I can't say it didn't prove a point...
by Dwayne Delaney March 13, 2010