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3 definitions by Dwayne Bowe

To have sex, get cutty, take it to the house, etc... Taken from the original version of the song "Cutty Buddy" by Trillville ft. T-Pain.
"You can be my cutty cutty buddy,
Fo' sho' you can ride with me
Girl don't act like you don't already know,
Act like you don't see
We can get it on the bed or the floor,
Don't matter to me girl
I'm gonna take you to Trilltown"

Man, Chris has been to Trilltown 3 times this week!

by Dwayne Bowe January 08, 2009
Name of an alcoholic beverage. It's a combination of pineapple soda and pear absolut vodka. The best drink ever. Originates from Santa Barbara, California.
Last week I got totally messed up cause I was drinking A-Wood all night.
by Dwayne Bowe September 14, 2009
When a chick's friend comes over and takes her attention away from you spitting game. Not necessarily a cock block because there's no guarantee at that point you'd fuck, but her friend is cut blocking you from making progress.
So I was talking to her in the kitchen, and then her stupid friend came over and cut block me and took her outside to talk.
by Dwayne Bowe October 31, 2010