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dirty with a west indian accent.. Sean Paul says it the best .. The title of his multi-platinum selling album "Dutty Rock". Also the name of Sean Pauls crew.. "Dutty Cup Crew", also his "family" .. "Dutty Cup Family" which is a group on a record label.
dutty gyal.. "dirty bitch"
dutty rock.. "dirty rock"
dutty rocker.. "dirty rocker"
dutty yeah.. "dirty yeah"..
mi a gwaan fi check de dutty gal dem over der, touch her and tell her seh tonight ..
"im gonna go over to that dirty girl over there, and tell her 'tonight' (as is bedroom drilling. sex) ..
by Dutty Rocker July 19, 2006
Dutty Rocker - Dirty Rocker

meaning that this person is dirty, as in cool. Not an insult. "Dutty" pronounced with a west indian accent such as Sean Paul.

Sean Paul refers to himself as "Dutty Rocker" in his song, Everblazin'. "a long de DUTTY ROCKER desire you, and yuh know seh yuh hot and yuh a spit fire too".

Dutty Rocker is usually someone who is cool and liked by people

Also a nickname used by Sean Paul's biggest fans.
"yo dat dutty rocker over der a be lookin fine"
Dat hot girl/boy over there is looking fine

"wi a tell dem seh dem know Sean Paul a be de one n true dutty rocker wit him everblazin tunes dem pon his album Dutty Rock"
We tell them that Sean Paul is the original Dirty Rocker with his amazing songs on his album "Dutty Rock"

"Yuh cyaah stop mek de dutty rocker retire"
You cant make the dutty rocker retire
by Dutty Rocker August 02, 2006

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