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Comes from the combination of the two words Slore and Orca. Slore is defined as being a combination of both the term slut and whore to identify a rather loose female. Orca is the term used in identifying the breed of killer whales. The combination of the terms result in a word that describes a fat whore who will do anything for dick.
"Damn, Keri is a such a slorca."
by Dusty Diem August 06, 2006
The verb that you use when you put on your beer goggles and go out to find anything that you can get in order to get some action. Slorkeling would be easily described as going out and looking for anything that will put out; typically resulting in a whore or in worst case scenarios, a slorca.
"Man, its been so long since I got my dick wet, I think we need to get drunk and go slorkeling."
by Dusty Diem August 06, 2006

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