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4 definitions by Dustin King

Holding down a tiny midget and beating it with a clothes hanger until it admits that all midgets can get there own damn job after they're eighteen years old and move out of my damn house. I'll show you all one day midgets. Mark my words!!!!!!
"I got smack happy on that midget last night!"
by Dustin King October 21, 2004
A Bo Tard is an extremely fat woman who you think you've had sex with but your penis was in one of her fat rolls the whole time and she just ended up with an ejaculation stain on one of her love handles.
"Man, can you believe that I had sex with her?" "You didn't have sex, she was just a Bo Tard!"
by Dustin King October 21, 2004
One who fricks, with a firckidey manner. The act of being a fricker; gaykid; other deroggative slurs.
Karen City; Karen City; Karen City
by Dustin King December 10, 2004
To have ones pubic region shaved with a straight razor and then shat upon only to have the shat duct taped from the taint to the happy trail after which he is set on fire as a form of revenge.
After noticing that Steve smacked while he ate, Stacy gave him sleeping pills then performed a Philadelphia Barn Burner.
by Dustin King October 21, 2004