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warts (seeded or seedless) of the genital variety that dwell on the labia majora or minora (inner or outer snatch flaps) which become inflammed during intercourse or vaginal stimulation


Pussy grapes generally take on a reddish or greenish hue of color, which often illudes to the sweetness or sourness of the respective grape.

Pussy grapes may be sucked or eaten, depending on the ripeness of the grape in question.

Pussy grapes should always be consumed with excessive alcohol, or following the consumption of many alcoholic beverages.

Always remember that when it comes to eating pussy grapes, nothing exceeds like excess!
My buddy Whitnack went to a party with my mother's pussy grapes wedged between his teeth. When confronted, he confessed that they were of the seeded, reddish variety.

My nicka Raye ran up in dat ho Aiesha last week. He told me dat her pussy smelt like red wine, and that her pussy gwapes be ripe fo' da pickins.

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