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9 definitions by Dusitn for Pres in 96

the most prophetic phase ever uttered by mark twain... he was a very progressive thinker. god damn i hate those fuckin eskimos
i hate eskimos almost as much as i hate lewis's sister, even though she gives wonderful chewin(see chewin).
by Dusitn for pres in 96 April 24, 2005
"Dime Piece" is a combination of the words "Dime" and "Piece". It is used to describe the small bits of an american 10 cent coin that has been broken into multiple parts
hey man, i just broke my dime.
"don't worry i have an extra dime piece here"
cool, now i have enough to but some tasty, smooth pudding
by Dusitn for Pres in 96 April 24, 2005