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In the spirit of a Dirty Sanchez, a Dirty Dink is when you take your finger or your dick out of a girls ass and wipe it in her eye(s) which causes her to squint like an Asian.
"Wow. That girl is giving me the evil eye like Bruce Lee. She must have just recieved a Dirty Dink".


"I ain't gonna let my bitch drive for a while. She just got a Dirty Dink in both eyes".
by Durmach Calidrivur April 09, 2009
Its when you are fucking a chick doggy style and you pull out your dick right before you are going to cum, place it on the top of her ass crack, then run a line of gunk from the top of her ass to her clit just like a caulking gun. This of course would also apply to the upper lip, forehead, ear-to-ear across the eyes, ect.
"I just laid a smooth line of baby batter on my girls ass crack with my cocking gun".


"That girls ass was so big I had to reload my cocking gun to finish the job".
by Durmach Calidrivur April 09, 2009

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