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A phrase coined by South Park, used when the "Goobacks," time immigrants from the future take the citizens of South Park's jobs by working for next to nothing.
"Let me show you to the coffee room, Mr. Glurrk."

Randy Marsh: (gasp) "They took my JOB!"

Stan Marsh: "They took yer job!"


"Alright everyone, back to the pile."

"Back to the pile everyone, c'mon"

"Back to the pile!"

"Durk our durrr!"
by Durk Our DURR!!! August 24, 2004
A form of martial arts, one of several that a guy I know says he can do but I highly doubt it."
"I'll whoop your azz with my tai-kwan-do and jiu-jitsu! And karate! And Pro-Am boxing!"
by Durk Our DURR!!! August 24, 2004

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