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2 definitions by Duff Cheesecake

1) A bag of weed that is .5 of a gram. It can go for about $10, no more than that.

2) United States currency. Equal to $00.05. Five Cents.

3) Also known to sellers as a bag of weed that is worth about $15. The weight is not measured, it is up to the dealer to how much is in the bag.
"Yo, lemme get a nickel bag."
"That'll be $10, son"

"I remember in my day when gas cost a nickel!"

"How much do you put in a nickel?"
"About 1.5 if its mids"

by Duff Cheesecake September 26, 2006
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Visually Intoxicated Person.

Certain Restaurants and Cantinas do not serve VIPs
Sorry, you're a VIP, no more drinks.
by Duff Cheesecake November 06, 2006
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