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A vaginal rot is when a woman showers once a week and gets her period in the middle of that week and has a rotten, bloody vagina and does not care to take care of the problem at all untill someone notices the smell, and informs her of the smell.
Girl 1: "Gross, what is that smell?"

Girl 2: "oh, that is anna's vaginal rot."

Girl 1: "Oh, thats gross, I am going to tell her to take a shower!"
#blood #vagina #stench #shower #period
by Dubstep Quantum December 05, 2013
A harmonized fart is when multiple people are farting from there butthole to make a harmonized flatulance sound that makes people think twice about ones farting.
Guy 1: "What was that noise, it was a such a harmonized sound."

Guy2: "Oh, that was a harmonized fart."

Guy1: "Oh ok, I wish to hear that again soon, it was just so harmonized it was beautiful."
#farts #harmonized #flatulance #butthole #persons
by Dubstep Quantum December 04, 2013
A docking party is when a male puts the fore skin of his dick over another mans dick to make a homosexual fun experience.
Man 1: " What do you want to do man?"

Man 2: "I don't know."

Man 1: "Do you want to have a docking party?"

Man 2: "Ya sure, I am always up for something new."
#male #gay #homosexual #dick #fun
by Dubstep Quantum December 05, 2013
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