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Offered by the beneficiary of a one night stand to spare the obligatory walk of shame the next morning by the other party.
Stew: Dude, did you really drive that girl home this morning?

Matty: Ya, it was raining and she took it like a champ last night. She earned "whore to door service".
by Dubble Trubble April 08, 2008
When someone is so unbelievably sexy and hot, that the normal words used to describe a person just don't apply.
Damnit! Look at that girl over there! What a sexymotherfucker!
by Dubble Trubble January 09, 2008
When you sleep over at a friends house and they roll out the big inflatable air mattress Aerobed and cram it into the spare room. It's 2-3 feet off the ground (you know, the really big ones) and just barely fits into the room. It looked like one of those jumpy's that kids get for birthday parties in the culdesac.

"My girlfriend and I were visiting a friend out of state, and they put us up in the spare room with the inflatable Aerobed mattress. We turned that thing into a fuckjumpy!"
by Dubble Trubble August 14, 2007
When you volunteer to help a friend "pack a couple of boxes" for a move, and then get roped into something completely outrageous. Like driving a moving truck full of his shit cross country because the fool didn't get a big enough truck in the first place, needed to rent another one from Penske, and didn't have anyone else stupid enough to drive the damn thing. Jesus H Christ!!!!
Karl asked his buddy to help him "pack a few boxes" for a move, and then proceeded to give him the ole Penske Steamer.
by Dubble Trubble August 21, 2007

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