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A person with a long narrow face, bugly eyes, big teeth, a gaping mouth, and other horse-like facial characteristics but you actually find them very attractive in part due to their horseface features.
Joe: I used to think all horseface chicks were ugly but man Rachel Starr is definitely an exception to that rule.

Duante: definitely true man, she's smoking hot, a definite Horseface Hottie (HFH)!
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo November 13, 2011
A 'butterface hottie' is a woman who has an excellent BODY (tits, ass, legs whatever it may be) but a 'suspect' face (you take away the body and she would likely not be attractive). However, the face cannot be such a negative that it takes away from the attractiveness.

So a girl with a not-so-pretty face but great body (butterface hottie) is different from a girl who is downright unattractive facially (ugly) even with a great body (butterface)

Many women take offense to being labelled a butterface hottie/butterface but being a 'butterface hottie' means you're still hella sexy and the truth of the matter is simply this - You can't all be pretty but you can still be scorching hot and cause erections everywhere you go
Joe: Man even though she isn't pretty, Sara Jay is my favorite cum slut.

Duante: definitely true man, she's smoking hot, a definite Butterface Hottie!
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo September 23, 2012
another word for Cocaine
"I'm in love with the coco
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 10, 2014
Someone who not only makes you horny but makes you want to cum just thinking about them. Just the thought or sight of them makes you want to nut all over and/or inside them.
duante: Look pear-shaped bitches like brianna love, mya g and miya g, they be so cumbussable

kanye: ye gentles got a ass that would swallow up a g-strings and up top, two bee stings
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo August 05, 2014
Phat Ass White Guy; a guy with a phat ass and is white; commonly said by Male tops to describe phat booty white bottoms they want to fuck.
Top says: "God damn, you ride that dick with that phat ass way better than flat ass Niyla Styers"
Frankie Grande (bottom) says: "You love this Pawguy bootyhole don't you"
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo November 26, 2014
Jamaican Patios slang for penis. Unlike North America, terms such as cock and dick are rarely used by Jamaicans and instead cocky, buddy or even penis, are preferred.
Vybz Kartel "Tek Buddy" from 2003
Tek buddy gal, you think me easy?
Who you a ramp with? Yuh want live easy?
Tek me things and yuh tek me money too
So tek buddy too, tek buddy gal!

Take dick girl, you think i'm a walkover
who you playing around with, you want to be a gold digger
you take my things and take my money too
so take my cock too

Artist: Vybz Kartel. Song: Tek Buddy Gal. Riddim: Tunda Clap. Year: 2003. Label: Renaissance. Producer: Delano Thomas & Andre Saunders & Michael Jarrett.
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 08, 2014
When a dark skinned person, particularly dark skinned women, are only interested or attracted to white or light skin men but never dark skin men. These women are typically not very good looking or at least wouldn't stand a chance of landing most white or lights but yet always seem obsessed with someone who has a considerably lighter complexion than them.
Cirso: Now that Georgina has finally found a white guy, she will forever be cooning, now dark skinned man has a chance with her.

Duante: Too bad, I would have torn that dark skinned pussy up. at least Ms. Higgins, is somewhat average looking and has perfect grill, can't say the same for other dark skins cooning like Karen, Moya, Anderson.
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 06, 2014

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