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NFC, an acronym for "No Fat Chicks", can be used in multiple ways. It can be applied to simply represent a woman with large body mass - such as "did you see that NFC", a label - such as "NFC Emily", or as a literal translation of its meaning; "Come check to my party - NFC!"

While derogatory, its generally considered good taste not to tell NFC's what the acronym means. If confronted as to the meaning by a whale-like female, come up with a definition; "No fucking clue", "Nice facial caricatures", etc. It's imperative you dont let an NFC know what the definition is - lest you be sat on by a large mass of carbon, water, and ugly.
"Ok - invite people to the throwdown, but NFC"
"I enjoy watching NFCs fight; especially when its full contact. Its like a cheap version of pay per view sumo wrestling"
by dtrinh November 22, 2006
An acronym representing "Don't Know, Don't Care". Its true birthplace was in the ProjectMayhem IRC Channel - by user Ayan4m1.

The mystical birth of this acronym began on the eve of Thanksgiving in 2006 as a response to a small annoying user talking about creating a mathematical algorithm to predict PMS cycles.
P1: Hey, want to hear about how I scored with three chicks last night?
P2: ... DKDC
by dtrinh November 22, 2006

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