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Upstate NY.Hmm. Basically anywhere within the borders of the state north of the Bronx. The people there are usually characterized by a lack of overly neurotic, self important, belligerent, paranoid ass-hattedness that plagues those that live within the confines of NYC. Its true.
I now live in SoCal and met a girl from San Diego who was back for a visit. She told me she had been living in NYC for a couple of months and we got to talking. I said "Yeah people in NYC are ass hats"
Then SHE says "Yes WE are quite intimidating".
What a cunt.
She was wearing that "center of the universe" mantle like she'd been poppin' it in the Marcy Projects with Jay-Z 6 hours before she stepped off the mo'fuckin plane.
Thats what IIII'm talkin about.
Hey Hey My My Rock and Roll will never die its better to burn out than fry hey hey my my Upstate New York

by Drunken Mick May 01, 2006

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