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A band formed in Lancaster, PA with my favorite drummer in the world, Matt Greiner. They feature guitar riffs in insane time signatures, such as 13/4, 7/8, and 5/4, with insanely fast syncopated drumming. Jake Luhrs, the vocalist, has a voice that made my balls drop.

Not only are they an amazing band, but they also are great guys. I talked to them for 20 minutes before their concert, and they were funny, awesome guys. Not to mention, they're all devout Christians. :)
"Dude do you listen to August Burns Red?" - guy 1

"No dude" - guy 2

"Go to the final breakdown of Back Burner and listen." - guy 1

No response from guy 2 because he died from epicness of song.
by Drummer from Enter Shikari September 25, 2010
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