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A misunderstood and quite smart "shock-rocker" that formed his own band, where all the members take the first name of a famous female actoress/singer and the last name of a serial killer.

Due to the image Marilyn Manson potrays, he and his band gain a lot of negativety, which is also due to he and his band's individuality, as it is far from mainstream metal and trails off further from the Industrial genre itself.
He is quite aware of his image and what it potrays. but why change it when he has such a large number of fan who simply enjoy his music and, being a fan myself, his "pride" in his originality.

He also does great cover songs!!
Marilyn Manson= Marilyn Monroe + Charles Manson

Emo kid "You know Manson kills little animals?"
Metal-head with real taste in rock music: "Piss off emo fag go cut your wrist's to Simple Plan"

by Drumma_guy_Trizz March 30, 2006

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