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The God of Music. Prince Rogers Nelson. The best musician to ever exist in the history of mankind. Master of over 59 different musical instruments. One of the most prolific artists ever, including enough music in his vault to release new albums for over 50 years upon his death. Winner of countless lifetime and album awards. Inventor of the "Minneapolis sound", a very funky style of music. Calls Detroit his second home due to earlier career success, despite never having lived there. Heterosexual. Changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol for a short time to work around contract restraints with Warner Brothers.
"Prince's new album 3121 set another record for him this past year by debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts."
by Druidblue October 24, 2006
A "Massively Multiplayer Gaming Service". Often known inaccurately as an "MMORPG", or "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game". The new term of MMGS is a more concise and accurate term to refer to this style of computer gaming.

Use of the term "online" in the inaccurate "MMORPG" is unnecessary, as it is impossible to have a massively multiplayer game that is not online. The "RPG" tag is also inaccurate in most instances, as several new MMGSs are not, in fact, role playing games- by design. Also, in those games that exist that are role playing games, very few players actually choose to role play.

The new term is more accurate with the addition of the "GS", for "Gaming Service". This clarifies one point of confusion for those who don't have the development knowledge to differentiate between game types. Some games that are considered by casual players to be of the MMGS genre are in fact not Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Services- Guild Wars is a prime example. Guild Wars is a multiplayer game with massively multiplayer virtual game lobbies (the towns). The reason the game does not cost a monthly fee, as all gaming services do, is due to the massive design differences inherent in creation of an MMGS vs. an OCG (online computer game). Any true MMGS requires a monthly fee to offset development and production costs.
"Guild Wars is a fun OCG, but the most often played MMGS is Blizzard's World of Warcraft."
by Druidblue November 16, 2006
The most overrated band in the history of music. While releasing album after album of nearly identical sounding music, they never pushed their "talent" to the next level and attempted to create a better sound.

Popularity cannot be denied, due to the all-too-common "I like what everyone else likes" syndrome most people suffer from. It is considered "uncool" to not like the Beatles, despite the music being dated, and the talent level required to create the music marginal at best.
"The Beatles? Don't own an album, never will. I prefer to listen to great music- such as the God of Music's latest award-winning "3121".
by Druidblue November 27, 2006

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