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Greenwich is located in connecticut, richest town in country- basically everyones got mad loot, and we throw down all the time (have parties) and play ruit (game of beiruit) in umpteen million dollar houses and drive to them in lexus's and beemers and then go outside and sit on our private docks and sesh mad nuggz and then go into the cabins of our yachts and blow lizzie's to our nizzie's of white and then go sesh an L to our face. Basically were mad rich and I'll outdrink u
Mike: yo lets go swill a handle of cap. mo's
Bob: aright straight, tom got the nuggz
Tom: You know I got the hooksit son
Mike: Lets get sloppy!
Bob: Im so glad we live in Greenwich
by DrinkerBrn May 01, 2006

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