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A system of poltical, social, and economic organization, in which, physical force is barred from human relationships. To the extent that it has been tried, its results have been amazing. I am typing this on a computer made by the capitalist system, for instance.
While there has been no example of pure capitalism, America at certain times in history was close, and Hong Kong has been close to pure capitalism. Notice the level of economic develop of these places under capitalism.
by Drew Rawlings January 02, 2004
They often claim to see both sides of the argument. However, the moderates that actually exist, do not have principles. Their mind is so open, their brains fall out.
The many moderate republicans that are actually big spenders in Congresss.
by Drew Rawlings January 02, 2004
A program of across the board tax cuts in order to produce growth in an economy. It worked very well in the 1980s. GNP and real incomes rose in the 1980s. It was theorized by economist, Arthur Laffer, that government revenue would grow if taxes were cut on the across the board including the wealthy. Revenue rose sharply in the 1980s. However, spending rose faster.
Often, misrepresented as stealing from the poor and giving the rich. If you cut taxes, it is only right to lower taxes on the wealthy who pay taxes.
President Reagan's economic policy.
by Drew Rawlings December 19, 2003

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