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A thick bloody (sometimes meaty) chunk blown out of the vaginal cavity with force.
Pete was very hostile when cleaning the remnants of Patty's vaginal blood burp off of the brand new shag carpet.
by Drew G-PHD April 07, 2008
Swampy, Wet, Clammy, Dark, Dank: Sometimes associated with an odor.

A swampy like substance, discharged from the inner cavity of a woman's cervex.
1.) The swamp appeared dark and murky

2.) The murk dripping from Carla's snatch was a sure sign an infection had taken place.
by Drew G-PHD April 07, 2008
A thick mucousy pocket, burped out of the vaginal opening. (Usually a thick 'army green' colored content, sometimes with redish brown flakes or deposits strewn through out.)
An aroma filled the small office cubicle that Pat shared with Dawn, once the pocket of 'Gak' had forced its' way out of her, popping when hitting the floor.
by Drew G-PHD April 07, 2008
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