186 definitions by Drew

To clasp one's hands together, causing an expulsion of air, which may sound like a squeek, or farting noise.
Stop eawakking, you freaking nazi.
by Drew June 11, 2004
Lazy with addictions to odd things
He is such a Drewsuff.
by Drew May 30, 2004
More powerful form of shwing
.... and then ther's Carmen Electra" "Shpah!"-Powerful thrusting motion-
by Drew March 17, 2004
when a guy and a girl sit on a toilet facing each other..shit at the same time and make out.
Those chick are having a double big girl... rad
by drew February 22, 2004
a word you say in the place of the word "shit".
John: What Ryan, you wanna start some shizzite?

by Drew January 02, 2004
To search around you, locally.
Guy 1: "I can't find my quarter!"
Guy 2: "Just smandy it."
by Drew January 13, 2005
Prime example of a white man's attempt to make every word "ghetto." This word should never be used in conversation. I repeat, this word is not ghetto!
Talkin to my playas on the phonizzle.
by drew November 19, 2004
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