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186 definitions by Drew

Someone who is highly skilled in a certain area or something that is cool. Often spelt Migleit or Migleeto.
Drew and Marc are Migleit at Warcraft


That is Migleit
by Drew February 17, 2004
Short for whodie.
Means dude, bro, man.
Sup whodes?
Yo whodes, make me a sandwich.
by drew February 16, 2004
Junvenile detention center, or "juvenile hall." Ambiguous whether the origin implies a racial slur.
"If we can't locate your guardians, you'll have to spend the night in Monkey Hall."
by Drew December 10, 2003
To search around you, locally.
Guy 1: "I can't find my quarter!"
Guy 2: "Just smandy it."
by Drew January 13, 2005
Prime example of a white man's attempt to make every word "ghetto." This word should never be used in conversation. I repeat, this word is not ghetto!
Talkin to my playas on the phonizzle.
by drew November 19, 2004
the baddest mothafucka alive
did you see drewnish today? ya hes making me hot
by Drew September 30, 2004
Term of endearment for a co-worker or friend.

"Hey, Chipotle beergee!

"Could I have a fever check, beergee?"

"Are you feeling okay, allergy beergee?"

"I'm here to pick up an order for Mr. Beergee."
by drew September 29, 2004