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1.A person who giggles and giggles... Then once she's done... She giggles some more.

2.A person who loves a certain someone but will NEVER ever tell.

3. A person who giggles some more.
Ursie <333333's........... someone.
by Dreas November 20, 2004
A person with a huge ego and a tiny cock. Thinks he can get any pussy he wants by rejecting girls to seem cool. Is known for violent sexual behavior and unpredictability.
Katy: Hey wanna go out, its only 9 o'clock?
Megan: No we can't! Dre is somewhere outside, he'll rape us


Matt: Dude you're acting so gay, dont be such a dre
Justin: Alright man


Cathy: How is Dre in bed?
Julia: Are you kidding? he has such a small dick
by dreas January 21, 2014

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