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This is the process of making people do exceedingly better by physically inserting a fist into anothers rectum, usualy this help is prvided in the form of a Brackov propelled fist. A prime example of its use is a child struggling with the monkey bars. At the point of falling a swift insertion of ONWARDS AND UPWARDS from Alexeis' mighty help and the child maraculasly is a pro of monkeys bars for a short time. Various levels of leadership (pending on how beardy a person needs to become)include the open hand, the fist, rings, full braclets, hand buzzers, tennisballs in fist, some have even rumored that there could one day be a double fist manouver created to help Jade Goodey finally win something (eg Im A Celebrity this year)
"God Damn! Im gonna fall, i cant do it... NNNoooo... Alex! LEADERSHIP!!!"
by Dreamtank November 09, 2005
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