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1. To excrete the contents of one's stomach in a projectile manner

2. To chuck away one's earlier chow via the esophagus

3. The latter of the popular womens' game 'Scarf-and-barf"

Syn - barf, puke, ralph, up-check, vomit
Present tense - "Shit dude, I think that fucktard is about to chowch all over your mom's roses!"

Past tense - "Yup, he chowched ALL over them... I think he got the lillies too..."
by Drake Cake June 02, 2010
- noun, adverb, adjective

1. Someone -like myself for example - who chooses to practice abstinence

2. The art of one named Ray fucking himself, and yet by not fucking others somehow at the same time refrains from fucking himself

3. The phase in which one with the name of Ray (such as myself) decides he is going to be self-reproductive

4. One version of the popular game "Hide-and-go-fuck-yourself"

5. A term I made up because my name is Ray and it's funny, yet true

Syn - Asexual, abstinent, self-reproductive
As of today, I have been single for 6 months... or as I like it to call it, Raysexual.
by Drake Cake June 22, 2010

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