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2 definitions by DrJ

Place of extreme enjoyment. Namely backyard baseball field in which two small mexicans were taught how to play baseball and many a home-run was hit, many-a temper was lost,and numerous good times were had.
1. I dreamt of Tropicoco Field
2. Look at how fast Jose can run.
3. Yep that one went over the snow fence.
4. "Damnit your out!," "what the hell kind of call was that!"
5. "Oh shit its gonna hit the car...RUN!"
by DrJ May 13, 2005
The animated comedy that was largely looked over for its first few seasons and eventually cancelled. During its cancellization the show was distributed to various other channels by fox. From there the show was popularized through word of mouth in high schools throughout America. In 2005 the show was "uncancelled."
1.Man sure sucks that family guy got cancelled, I was one of the only ten people that watched it the first time.
2.Wow Bob! thanks for telling me about Family Guy, it sure is a great show. (one week later) Crap sucks the show got cancelled.
by DrJ May 30, 2005