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a type of orgasm that goes beyond Freud's definition of the mature vaginal orgasm. Clitoral orgasms were considered immature and a married woman was expected to achieve a "mature orgasm" , meaning a vaginal orgasm, when having sex with her husband. The post-clitoral orgasm is a contextual understanding of the four types of orgasm that a woman is actually capable of achieving.
the ability to physically experience a post-clitoral orgasm in which the woman achieves; clitoral, vaginal, cervical, and g-spot orgasms simultaneously.
by Dr. Sexpert November 03, 2010
when the person you are dating and sleeping with has become so distasteful to you, that you can't stand the thought of being with them sexually.
I had gotten to the point of skeeve factor with my ex-boyfriend John, and couldn't stand the thought of him touching me or the idea of ever sleeping with him again.
by Dr. Sexpert November 04, 2010

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